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A wise person once said, “Creative agencies desire awards. Clients desire results.” As one of Pune’s leading creative agencies, we strive to bridge these ends. Seagull believes in creating ideas that transform the brand category and make your brand timeless.

And the way we do this is with ‘Ideas that Soar’ – every idea is filtered through a sieve of sharp insights and deep consumer understanding. Some of our ideas have won at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Goafest, IAA Olive Crown Awards, and Entrepreneur India Awards.

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Wings For Profit (W4P)

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy forms the core of any brand building endeavour. At Seagull Advertising, we offer robust brand strategy consulting services to our clients. Being a respected creative brand strategy agency, we adopt the role of a brand partner to get into the roots of your brand.

For any long-term brand strategy, there must be a clearly defined objective and budget. As a part of our brand strategy services solution, we define a S.M.A.R.T. (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Reviewable – Timebound) objective and an Allowable Cost in partnership with the client’s team. With a solid objective, budget and plan in place, Seagull brand strategy firm is then geared to help your brand achieve its well-defined goals, with greater efficiency and accuracy.

We’re known to be one of the top brand strategy agencies in Pune. To this end, we follow a practice of co-creating brands with its customers. This involves testing a hypothesis with customer groups and arriving at an ‘Obvious Emotional Truth’ the brand must pursue to own. Understanding customer feedback, the emotional connect of customers with a brand; and then defining the exact business a brand is in follows – for example: Canon is in the business of ‘creating and capturing memories’; not simply manufacturing photography equipment.

A key differentiator of Seagull as a brand strategy and design agency is our obsession with a central branding idea. A ‘Branding Idea’ works as the brand’s creative compass for all future communication and customer-connect endeavours. We call these stages as the Brand Challenge and Brand Wings stages of our proprietary ‘Wings for Profit’ process framework. Your idea’s branding must connect with your customers on a personal level. It takes thought, research, analysis, and investigation to answer a few critical questions every brand must answer before you build your brand.

  • What business are you really in?
  • What is the Obvious Emotional Truth (OET) your brand is based on?
  • What is your unique branding idea that people will champion?
  • What is your Brand Flight Mapppppp: Go-to-market suggestions for product, pricing, placement, purchase experience, packaging, and promotion?

After the Brand Challenge and Brand Wings, we define the 6P’s of the business – Product Policy, Pricing Policy, Placement Policy, Purchase Experience, Packaging Policy, and Promotion Policy. It is a ‘go-to-market’ blueprint of your business’ pilot flight into the market. We call this stage as the Brand Flight Map of Seagull Advertising’s ‘Wings for Profit’ process framework.

  • Product Policy .
  • Pricing Policy .
  • Placement Policy .
  • Purchase Experience .
  • Packaging Policy .
  • Promotion Policy .

How Seagull’s Brand Strategy Helped Kohinoor Group


Kohinoor Group is an established player in Pune’s real estate market. But despite being in the market for 30+ years, their projects didn’t have a distinguished identity and strong brand recall.

  1. Thorough study of the brand’s challenges, target audience, in-depth customer profiles, and competitor analysis.
  2. End-to-end brand strategy beginning with customer interactions, leading to tailored solutions for each project.
  3. Creation of the corporate philosophy - Sada Sukhi Raho. Under this umbrella idea, every Kohinoor property came with the promise of 5 solid pillars and even a dedicated post-sales customer satisfaction team.
  4. We also ideated and executed 360-degree campaigns, event ideas, and amplified the digital footprint of each of Kohinoor’s projects.

Our Work

In the world of creative ideas, they say one is as good as their last piece of work. Some of our ideas have won national and international awards, while others have helped brands grow better and faster. But we simply look at ourselves as brand storytellers. Check out some of our stories!

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