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A wise person once said, “Creative agencies desire awards. Clients desire results.” As one of Pune’s leading creative agencies, we strive to bridge these ends. Seagull believes in creating ideas that transform the brand category and make your brand timeless.

And the way we do this is with ‘Ideas that Soar’ – every idea is filtered through a sieve of sharp insights and deep consumer understanding. Some of our ideas have won at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Goafest, IAA Olive Crown Awards, and Entrepreneur India Awards.

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Inspired Storytelling to Help
Brands Connect to Hearts


When people think creative advertising company in Pune, they think of us. Because at Seagull Advertising we create path-breaking advertising campaigns. Some have won awards, while others have won the hearts of the target audience. No wonder the mere mention of Seagull instills confidence in even those clients who're yet to fly with us.

In the age-old days of any brand advertising agency, communication was all about sharp headlines and strong visuals. But that’s history. Though the tools remain the same the focus of every advertising agency has shifted to ‘Inspiring Storytelling’. And great stories can come from anywhere as long as one has a unique insight. At Seagull we help brands tell bold, unconventional and engaging stories that bring them closer to their customers. Being a top advertising agency in India is no mean feat. But with persistence and courage, our advertising agency today commands respect across the country. We ask the difficult questions, dive into sharp insights, and craft stories that communicate with customers' hearts not their bank balance.

Advertising was always the tool of choice to augment and boost sales. With the digital revolution growing bigger every day, today our brand advertising company delivers much more to businesses. From every corner of the country, our clients trust our digital advertising agency in Pune because we go beyond. Over 26 years, we've helped brands connect with their audience. It’s a constant endeavour to venture beyond the age-old ‘smart punchline-catchy visual' format to genuine intent-led multi-channel '360-degree inspired storytelling. Yet our core tenets remain solid, making us the numero uno brand advertising agency in Pune. One of Seagull's biggest strengths is offering integrated multi-channel solutions – centered around a singular idea. As a creative advertising agency in Pune, we are confident that few others can offer such value to clients. Because the true test of nurturing brands in any advertising agency in India is the ability to tell a unified brand story across channels

Brand Storytelling

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Out-of-Home Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Corporate Films
  • Event / Activation Creatives
  • On-site Branding

Steps in Seagull’s Brand Advertising Process

  • Understanding the brief, purpose and goal
  • Understanding the product USPs and the end-customers’ emotional drivers
  • Research on key insights and communication touch-points
  • Creation of a campaign idea
  • Approval of the campaign idea
  • Creation of the key creatives
  • Approval of the key creatives
  • Finalising the campaign idea across channels
  • Extending the campaign idea across touch-points
  • Final approvals and artworks

How Seagull’s Brand Advertising Helped ClearSkin


A renowned skin and hair clinic from Karad, Maharashtra wanted to establish their presence in Pune. Their primary offerings were similar to those of other skin and hair clinics, except a key differentiator – understanding their patients’ emotional turmoil.

  1. Thorough study of the brand’s challenges, target audience, in-depth customer profiles, and competitor analysis.
  2. End-to-end brand strategy beginning with personal interactions, leading to key insights and service-level ideas
  3. Creation of the branding idea – Full Stop to Frustration. Under this umbrella idea, communication from ads to in-clinic standees and posters, gave an assurance to patients.
  4. We also ideated and executed strong physical on-site branding and ran 360-degree campaigns across multiple media channels

Our Work

In the world of creative ideas, they say one is as good as their last piece of work. Some of our ideas have won national and international awards, while others have helped brands grow better and faster. But we simply look at ourselves as brand storytellers. Check out some of our stories!

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