Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the long term plan that Seagull will establish in place for you to build your brand’s presence. Our brand strategy is specifically catered, depending on your business goals, challenges, and expectations. No two brand strategies will be the same.


Seagull's brand strategy draws its power from a three-stage brand co-creation process called 'Wings For Profit'. Wings For Profit is a vital process that uncovers sharp consumer insights and emotions to co-create brands with consumers.


In essence, we don't create the brand we want. Instead, we create the brand that your consumer needs. The end goal of Seagull's brand strategy is to provide your end-user with a memorable experience possible, which in turn results in the growth of your company.

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Brand Design helps businesses and brands stand out from the competition by creating recognisable 'Eyedentities' for a brand to grow better. Brand Design helps brands stand out from the rest with recognisable 'Eyedentities' to impact consumer mindsets.


At Seagull, 'Eyedentity' is a proprietary brand design process. A brand's "Eyedentity" is an element focused on shareability and recognisability.


Brand design is an essential part of every brand's culture. It dominates the way the brand is communicated across collaterals. Be it digital ads, billboards, pamphlets, packages, brochures, and more.

Not only does the brand design determine the visual language of a brand but also written communication.

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Brand Advertising

With the onset of digital, it is not the future of advertising; it is the now. Seagull understands the 360-degree approach needed to advertise better, which is why it provides full-stack advertising and marketing solutions.


Be it Google search ads, display ads, print ads, billboards, brochures, social media ads, concentrated campaigns or inbound campaigns - we have it all. 


Our advertising wing is spearheaded by 360 degrees, integrated communication campaigns that combine keen consumer insights, powerful branding ideas, and groundbreaking launch events across traditional, digital platforms to make your brand 'Soar High'.

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