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a Brand's Potential and use Design Strategically to enable it to Flourish.

Brand Design helps brands stand out from the rest with recognizable ‘eyedentities’ to impact consumer mindsets.

At Seagull, ‘Eyedentity’ is proprietary design process that focuses on shareblity and recognizability of a given brand.


Brand design is an essential part of every brand's culture. It dominates the way the brand will be communicated across collaterals. Be it digital ads, billboards, pamphlets, packages, brochures, and more. Not only does the brand design determine the visual language of a brand but also written communication.


Will your brand be - Commanding? Happy? Youthful? Royal?

The brand design will convey the emotion behind the brand.

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What We Offer

Brand Design Services

  • Design Strategy

  • Design strategy essentially solves the problem or pain points that your brand may have. Is the emotion you want not getting conveyed? Is your name not resonating with the target group? Or are you lost as to how your brand's identity will be positioned? All these design queries are first solved through brainstorming through our design strategy.

  • We tend to do this in a 3 step process:

    Where are we now?

    Where do we want to be?

    How will we get there?


    Brand Design

  • Brand Design colours, fonts, logos and style associated with your brand. Brand design involves creating a distinct identity for a product or service. This can, in some cases, encompass the entire image of a company or organization.


    Website Design

  • Website Design is a distinct amalgamation of the user interface, user experience, and user design. The way your website will be wire-framed, the way it will move, the themes, the templates, are all part of the website design.


    Space Design

  • Have an office or a showroom? These spaces also need to reflect our brand's image. Space design is the careful curation of the way all the areas associated with your company should look and feel. This makes sure that your end customer doesn't feel disjointed as they travel within multiple spaces related to you.


    Merchandise Design

  • If you have a company, you will have some merchandise associated with it. Be it t-shirts, hoodies, badges, mugs, PR packages etc. Merchandise design is the process of adapting your brand's identity to all these collaterals.


    Packaging Design

  • If you have a product, it will have to be in a package. To encompass your brand's identity in the limited space of the packaging is the expertise of a designer. Since your packaging is one of the most significant points of contact with the consumer, it is essential to get it right.




A hostel chain that wants to convey the real fun of living in a hostel. A modern hostel with all amenities like wi-fi, music room, 24×7 security, 24×7 café. With these added amenities, the client wanted to offer the ultimate offering in hostel living. The brand team thoroughly researched the category and came up with the insight: Hostel days were days no one forgets. Good experiences rubbed shoulders with bad experiences.
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