At Seagull, we aspire and believe in always being wholly involved and integrated with the processes & proceedings of/with every client we connect with.

Right from the start, we deploy our core officers towards not only meeting our clients but also making the best sense of the work that is to be expected & done, going forward.

Each client would have a dedicated department when it comes to communicating, understanding & fulfilling every requirement from their side. Our side mostly consists of working tirelessly towards finding the best possible avenues and ways in which we improve and escalate your business.

So, what exactly do we mean when we say Brand Planning? Well, read on –

1) Thorough Client Briefing

Our client briefing sessions are always lively. A full-fledged and in-depth course would help us accurately understand who you are and how much your business, and ways of conducting it, mean to you. You give us the inspiration and the information; we give you the glory and the fireworks (not literally) that you and your business deserve.

2) In-depth Business Audit & Review

It gives us better insight into knowing more about everything you have done so far in terms of conducting your business (both – offline and online). For us, going forward in the future always means making the best of the past and the present, not merely discarding or forgetting it.

3) Studying & Understanding Your Brand’s Target Audience

Through our unrelenting research and study efforts of your brand and its identity, we would be not only able to know more about the existing target base but also be able to learn how we could branch-out into newer bases and pools of people, together.

4) Brand Positioning in the Markets

When it comes to overall Brand Strategy, a big part of it is how a brand aspires to see itself in the market, i.e. Brand Positioning. Our Brand Plan includes giving our best input when it comes to what a Brand can/should do when it comes to their respective markets.

5) Thorough Brand Plans & Strategies

Going forward without properly learning everything about your business, your aspirations and your motivations is like decidedly agreeing to walk through a far across marsh of sinking-sand. Hence brands are set to fly after diligent home wark and proper planning. 

6) Selection of The Best Advertising/Marketing Strategies Through the Best Channels/Platforms

Based on all of the data and information we receive through the course(s) of our interaction, and more, we would then thoroughly scrutinize the best channels & platforms (both – offline and online) that would help us in reaching our combined goals.

We would only be putting the best campaigns/content on the then shortlisted – best channels & platforms.

Some of our work when it comes to Brand Planning is listed below.