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Seagull is on a mission to help businesses grow better as a HubSpot Partner Agency. We help businesses use marketing automation for their Inbound Marketing to attract, convert, close and delight both prospects as well as customers. We are a HubSpot Gold partner agency with team of experts certified to onboard, launch and manage campaigns in HubSpot.

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Why do you need Marketing Automation ?

Marketing Automation provides you with the tools to automatically and progressively help you to keep-in-touch with prospects and slowly nurture them over an extended period of time until they are ready to engage with your business.

However, in order to install marketing automation tools correctly and effectively, one needs to set-up the framework which allows the automation software to continually nurture your leads.

Marketing Automation allows you to gradually nurture them through the sales cycle, providing them with high-quality, useful content and personalised messages on a timely basis, which clearly addresses the specific issues that brought them to you in the first place.

What We Offer

Hubspot Onboarding

Onboarding on HubSpot involves a lot of heavy lifting from technical setup and configuration, first campaign asset creation, integrating CRM & more. We help you with the setup, so you can create and manage campaigns on your own quickly.
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Hubspot Launch

We help you launch your first inbound marketing campaign with HubSpot, effortlessly. This involves helping you with every step of the inbound methodology from onboarding to get your first campaign up and running using the best practices.

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Hubspot Management

We help you by managing all your day-to-day tasks for the effortless management of your inbound campaigns. While you work on the campaign strategy and producing content, we implement everything on HubSpot to support with best quality technical work.
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How can a Marketing Automation agency help you?

Seagull is a HubSpot certified partner marketing agency, with a team of Marketing Automation experts who have a thorough understanding of how to utilise Marketing Automation tools to support and enhance your marketing and sales activity. Experts who can provide you with the necessary insights and knowledge to help you take advantage of the latest Marketing Automation tools.

It boils down to having the time, technical skills and knowledge to make this automation process work, as well as having engaging and useful content to hand-feed to your prospects depending upon how far through the sales cycle your leads are. Marketing Automation is complex if one lacks expertise, time and knowledge of the tools. But thats why Seagull is here for, to help, to simplify things for you and your business.

At last, to help you Grow Better!

How Seagull can help?

Unlike other marketing, sales, service and web tools, HubSpot is committed to offering software solutions that meet the needs of every business at every stage of growth. It can be a time consuming affair to get started with HubSpot especially as a beginner. Onboarding on the platform itself involves a lot of heavy lifting to get your HubSpot account set up properly and efficiently. Seagull will help you beat the learning curve to get you off the ground quickly yet swiftly by imbibing Inbound methodologies & starting to see results with your campaigns.

We are delighted to use HubSpot as a marketing automation tool, both for our

own success and the success of our clients.

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