Work - Swipe Super Phone
Brand Challenge: To create customer engagement & use online as a platform for sales.
Solution Provided: AECCC
Result: Helped sell 840 phones

Swipe KonnectMe - Disrupting the Smartphone category to create a SuperPhone

Here’s how Swipe Telecom, an emerging telecom corporation with a diverse range of telecom products, achieved phenomenal product sales through a category-breaking positioning and an interactive digital campaign.


  • Customer awareness of the brand was low despite the 200,000 likes on the page. User engagement was low despite active posting on the company's FB page. A new approach was definitely required to change the face of the brand.
  • To get 100 to 200 walk-ins (references / repeat visitors / new prospects) within 2 weeks of this initiative


  • A new product, Swipe KonnectMe was being launched in the market. The launch required enticing branding enabling high product sales in a short span of time.


We, at Seagull Advertising, identified the potential of using an engaging approach to launch the new phone. We created a category name for this product, called the SuperPhone, which turned out to be a category breaker.

This SuperPhone disrupted the whole Smartphone category. The Swipe KonnectMe Superphone was then launched using an elaborate and engaging digital campaign ( The aim was to direct traffic to, the sole selling space for the new phone. We engaged with our audiences in an interactive and impactful manner and communicated the good features of the product. We designed a 6-week digital plan, involving a superhero theme and many engaging contests and videos.

We revealed the phone using a curiosity-inducing teaser video for pre-registrations. We also created a special landing page for people to pre-register to buy the new phone with a time ticker. We also created a customized URL leading to the Snapdeal sale page. We ran more posts, contests, product review videos etc on Facebook to keep the engagement alive.


  • Our elaborate social media marketing strategy helped the brand achieve 40% of its sales target! Swipe sold 862 KonnectMe Superphones out of the total 2000 units owing to our engaging social media plan.
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