Work - Snap
Brand Challenge: Stagnant Inventory
Solution Provided: STRAP + W4P
Result: Online Sales - 3000 Prospects


  • Symbiosis has 13 management institutes.
  • Few years ago, only 3 particular institutes were preferred by students and only those were getting a remarkable number of applications.
  • The brief was to increase the number of applicants in other Symbiosis management institutes, along with these 3 institutes.


  • Top 3 Symbiosis Institutes:
    • SIBM – Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
    • SCMHRD – Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD
    • SIIB – Symbiosis Institute of International Business
  • Each were getting an average of 20,000 applicants.
  • The concern area: The balance 8 Institutes. Each of them were getting only an average of 1000 applicants, some were getting even lesser.

Smart objective:

To get 5000 applicants each for the remaining 8 Symbiosis institutes.


Branding Idea:
Seagull came up with a unique solution to help Symbiosis attain its SMART Objective. The idea was to have an entrance test for the management programmes.

  • SNAP – Symbiosis National Aptitude Test. An All India Entrance Test for Symbiosis Management Programmess, held across 21 cities in India.
  • Visual Idea – The SNAP Compass

The Results:

  • Year 1: 40,000 applicants. Average applicants per Institute: 3,000 (excluding the 3 leading institutes)
  • Year 2: 75,000 applicants. Average applicants per Institute: 4,000 (excluding the 3 leading institutes)
  • Year 3: 110,000 applicants. Average applicants per Institute: 5,000 (excluding the 3 leading institutes)

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