Work - Montvert
Brand Challenge: Stagnant Inventory
Solution Provided: STRAP + W4P
Result: Online Sales - 3000 Prospects


To generate inquiries / walk-ins for Mont Vert projects at a time when people very unsure of purchasing property due to an economic slowdown.


The TG feels that the money paid towards the rent is a waste as it does not help them build any asset.


Communicate that the rent paid for a home is a waste as there are no returns. However, the consumer can save this money by moving into a Mont Vert flat. Mont Vert can help them save this money by converting the rent it into a down-payment. At the same time, the decision to purchase a home can be deferred for a year

‘Rent Today, Own Tomorrow’ addressed the problem of young married couples working in IT / ITES who were currently staying in rented apartments and wished to own a home. However, due to the current economic slowdown they were uncertain about the security of their jobs and they didn’t want to commit to a purchase


In just 3 days Mont Vert received –

  • 1065 enquiries
  • More than 100 walk-ins
  • 15 bookings (ownership)
  • 6 rentals

All this in a market where builders were having no enquires and were getting cancellation of bookings.

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