Work - Bharatiya Jan Ghar Yojana - Hoarding
Brand Challenge: Stagnant Inventory
Solution Provided: STRAP + W4P
Result: Online Sales - 3000 Prospects


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s larger vision of Housing for all by Year 2022 opened up tremendous opportunities for Maple’s Aapla Ghar which was meant for the common people. Aapla Ghar worked out a product, which would benefit the common man- the ‘jana’ of India. A scheme (yojana), was specially designed for the common man – Jan Ghar Yojana, which would afford him a dream chance of having a roof over his head. His very own roof.


Making buying a home possible and feasible for the common man by addressing and handling his pain points of lower booking amounts, low EMIs and no Government charges. Ensuring at least 7000 walk ins at the 18 locations where this scheme is active.

SMART Objective: To get 7000 walk-ins to enable the sale of 1000 flats

Seagull solution

Big Idea:

It’s all in the name and by branding the scheme – Jan Ghar Yojana, Seagull in a single swipe communicated to the Indian masses that here was a scheme that would allow the common man to build his own house. A scheme so affordable that he could finally buy his own house.

Period of activity for Jan Ghar Yojana: 13th Aug- 13th Sep
Media used: Digital, Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Mobile Marketing, Cinema and BTL

RESULTS FOR Jan Ghar Yojana so far :

15,000 enquiries, 5000 walk-ins & 600 sales in just 3 days

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